UI/UX Case Study : Product Recycle Plastic

Tomi fadilah
5 min readMar 3, 2021

I started from the problem of managing the bottle waste disposal in the neighborhood where I live, everything is very irregular, making the environment less clean and there is waste scattered on the streets. It also causes flooding because of the large number of bottled waste and households obstructing the drainage of water on public roads, a lot of bottled waste is buried in the ground which makes it difficult for the soil to absorb water. Maybe that’s one of the causes of flooding, especially in my country, that is; Indonesia. My country often gets floods every year and still haven’t found the right formula to solve the flood problem until now, throwing garbage in its place is one way to minimize the occurrence of flooding


Achieving the number 2 level of plastic waste producer in the world is not a pride for us as citizens of Indonesia, but we must fix the problem of plastic waste with a target of reducing plastic waste by 70% by 2025. Supporting the targeted reduction in plastic waste I have the idea to make a the main product for managing plastic waste

This product is named; Lebarec “Lets Back Recycle”. The main product is to manage plastic bottle waste properly by building a waste management company, making and placing vending machines and waste banks in various strategic locations making a transite place for users to dispose of their waste properly

I created this product to make a startup company that is basically recycled (this is very rare) but can also expand to electronic payments and various other business fields

Why from recycle to electronic payment? I want to make waste have value, we have to pay that value as motivation or appreciation by providing electronic payments in the form of balance and points

Vending Machine: How to get “Saldo” by giving bottle waste (plastic / glass / aluminum) to the vending machine, because this bottle can be recycled into a basic material for the product again

Garbage Bank: How to get a “Point” by giving metal or household waste to a waste bank, with the criteria that the waste still has a market to be recycled which can be used as basic material for the product

Vending machines for waste that get paid for each waste may not yet exist in the country of Indonesia, vending machines will provide payment feedback or rejection if they do not meet the criteria with sensors, while waste banks require workers to correct rejected or accepted waste. Through a Scan via QRcode or card that will be provided by this product, the user can receive the payment

Yeah! Card, why? because if this product was launched in Indonesia I have observed the economic situation in my country by taking two payment acceptance methods (Saldo and points) I don’t want to make users who have a weak economy object to having to buy a smartphone to receive these payments using a QR Code scan, but still through the app or website for registration and filling in all personal data. Again, this is a tech startup company, if this product recycle has increased its operations there will be a shift where all users must have an app on a smartphone to continue to provide the best support and services

By providing a different waste disposal site for each product it makes the selection process to be managed faster or speeds up the work of machines in the management plant, which is actually because some parts of the waste product have different basic materials and types of PET. Calculation of the total balance or balance obtained on the vending machine from how much waste is entered and approved by the sensor to meet the criteria for waste that can still be managed in the future

A few examples from the results of plastic bottle waste management, there are still many results that can be used as a result that has value. Plastic seeds are a product base material for the manufacture of new plastic bottles which are still in production today. and also managed waste can make a basic material for chemical processes.

High Fidelity Design, an environmentally friendly product (Recycle) and also has an E-Payment product which will be the main product support to carry out all planning

Capital to build this product into a product at the company will really need quite a lot of funds, not only building companies, management plants and machines as well as about education to the wider community regarding recycle companies and the positive impact that will be felt for the country and the earth

Many people think that garbage is just ordinary trash and their bad habit of littering, mindest or bad behavior like that must be changed by providing motivation in the form of money or payment that will give value to the trash and garbage. hopefully pay more attention to the impact of waste

However, if this product is good enough to manage waste into a good and stable business, this product recycle will become the product side and increase product electronic payment as the main product. Electronic payment can expand the company’s business, this is evident that e-payment competition is very strong, having a recycle branding may provide positive vibes when marketing e-payment products

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