Redesign Lalamove — UX Case Study


Established in October 2013, Lalamove was created to make on-demand and same-day delivery possible for everyone at the touch of a button. Today, Lalamove operates in over 20 markets, connecting over 7 million customers with a pool of over 700,000 driver-partners. driver partners operate a vast array of vehicles to suit each market including lorries, trucks, vans, and cars for deliveries of almost anything of any size. Fleets of two-wheel vehicles are also available for courier services providing fast and low-cost delivery solutions. Through mobile and web apps

Original Lalamove Mobile application — 2021


Let’s try to make it better with the combination of experience and research,

“Design is as much a matter of finding problems as it is solving them.” — Bryan Lawson

  1. Declare Assumption

In this case, I want to use competitive analysis by looking at some of their superior products that have businesses in the same industry,

Mobile Usability — Brand Competitor

What Problem to solve

  1. Users ease of workflow wallet, drivers and order history
  2. Users can quickly find vouchers and promos
  3. Increase the number of users who join at all age rates

2. Sketching

Sketching process I try to focus on easy finger mobile usability for users, this sketching process has gone through several previous stages and finished, in this sketching process with several other considerations such as researching competitor applications

Process Sketching

3. Design

Home Page

One of the most important changes I made was adding sections in the tab bar. I want to improve the hierarchy

I have designed a total wallet / cashless so that the user can see the total wallet available so that the user can top up if there is a shortage of tp total wallet when he wants to order an order and the total points can be obtained as a discount on the total payment which is obtained through a gift when top up and when the order is completed it reaches customer. This method can encourage users to top up and increase the number of orders

I also designed the tab bar with the aim of increasing the hierarchy. Designing card information/ads to be more aesthetic, besides being pleasing to the eye, it also provides sufficient white space so that it can provide comfort to the user.


I divided it into several types of vouchers/promotions by providing a separate page, divided into four menus and there is the first menu “all vouchers” all vouchers/promotions will be placed on the page, so that users can see the vouchers/promo in the order they were released


One of the important features as well and must exist because it really helps users see during driver tracking and order history

I designed this tracking page enough to pay attention to the details of any architechture information that is very crucial, so I added drive information and vehicle ID to validate that everything is correct and then pick up method selection information such as day, date and time to be more accurate in the pick up process. Information on all packages sent can be seen in the driver information or menu bar with the option “help center and package information”

CTA — Tracking Driver to see the driver’s journey in real time, and the Finish order button can see all information of orders that have been completed


I designed this message layout through research from WhatsApp-Instagram-Messager with the goal that the user can be familiar with the message layout with the driver. It has archive feature and delete forever, archive feature will be useful in the future if you are looking for information via chat with driver

Message Page

Bubble chat on the right of the message card and bold text message which will emphasize that the message is new or unread by the user so as to avoid slow responses and misinformation

Archive and delete features can be found after card message in swift


One of the goals is to increase usage rates by adding a referral code, users can invite other partners to use lalamove and the value that will be obtained from using the referral code can provide discount shipping vouchers or points.

Account Page

4. High Fidelity

High Fidelity Design


You can find the Lalamove application in the appstore or playstore. I emphasize again here, I only explore the ideas that I have and have no cooperation with Lalamove

Thank you for reading If you found this helpful please give me your clap and your thought or feedbacks on the comment below or by sending a message to

Lastly, if you’d like to see more of my work you can visit the other of My Portfolio here or you can visit My LinkedIn profile to connect with me



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