What If There Is GoTravel In Gojek ??

In the current transition period for the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, many people want to have a vacation and stay or return to their hometowns because of lectures or offices during the WFH (Work From Home) program and many still use public transportation. them to their destination. And you have to keep your distance and maintain personal hygiene and health, but what is called public transportation, even though you keep your distance and maintain cleanliness, there must be other people who don’t care about it and don’t take it seriously, increase anxiety and can become paranoid.

From the explanation above, I thought that public transportation is like a private vehicle and is it easy to get? if a regular car rental has to come to the location then fill in some forms and the price is quite expensive if we can’t negotiate it, not to mention the additional price with the driver if you can’t drive a car.

(Before continuing, I emphasize that this feature is not yet in Gojek and I don’t get paid a penny, so this is purely from exploration)

Okay, back to topic,,,

Why do you have to GoTravel ? because GoGar can only be taken 10km from your location

So, where can GoTravel take ? okay, I have 2 answers for you;

  1. Gojek can buy a travel car coupled with good facilities or sophisticated features and can open job vacancies for drivers. However, if this first option can only be used by customer services in the surrounding Jakarta area (because the Gojek office in Indonesia is in Jakarta)

Can GoTravel to tourist attractions ? Where have you been ? Eitsss ,,, GoTravel is benefited for a single trip out of town or with a distance of more than 10km

What are the advantages of GoTravel ?

  1. because it is used specifically for travel cars which ensure a lot of space / seating,

The payouts are the same as Gocar, Goride and others ? A little difference, maybe yes, payments can be made using any of the available methods as usual (Gopay, Linkaja and Debit or Virtual Account) but you can’t use the cash method

Why can’t you use the cash method to pay ? because direct payments to the Travel Agency are not through intermediaries and also maintain security

If there is an important event, then how about we cancel the order ? Booking time is at least 1 day before departure. And a maximum of 1/2 hour before departure is not subject to a cancel fee

If we continue to cancel orders 1 day before departure, what are the consequences ? Maybe it’s fairer to have a cancel fee of 15% or 20% of the total payment. And this is because all payment methods can be used except the cash method, yes. The money will return to the balance automatically after the cancel fee is deducted.

Who can use GoTravel ? Everyone can use this feature as long as they have the Gojek application and have a sufficient balance

Even foreign tourists can use this feature for those who have just arrived in Indonesia to continue to their lodging or their destination

Indonesia is ranked 27th in the list of favorite countries to be visited by foreign tourists and one of the 4 Southeast Asian countries reported by Paulipu.com

But in 2020 the number of foreign tourists has dropped dramatically due to the Covid-19 corona virus, not only in Indonesia in all countries or in one world, this is also affected


Is it difficult to order GoTravel or not ? almost the same, the way to order GoTravel is the same as GoCar and GoRide

Let’s to Design !

I made a GoTravel icon, by observing the GoCar and GoBox icons, then they were made to resemble a standard feature icon in Gojek.

In the following announcement, I will adjust the function of the GoTravel feature itself,
- GoTravel is a service for out of town; Because the vehicle is profitable for long distances or out of town
- Stick to health protocols while on the road; Stay alert of virus threats

I took the Depart feature from the GoTransite feature, where this feature can set the time and so on to find transportation, but on GoTravel to set the date, month, year and time of departure

Your Driver Will Arrive In 20 hrs, the travel departure time to the pick-up location because the order is 1 day before the day of departure, and maybe it’s ETA (Estimed Time of Arrival) and will change to ATA (Actual Time of Arrival) after GoTravel reaches the pick-up location and starts towards a destination for customers to feel safe because they can monitor GoTravel trips

Profile photo with the brand or logo of their agency that regulates who will be the driver and the driver profile will appear after the Travel Agency determines the driver 1 day before departure or long before the set departure date.

In selecting the Depart icon, I set the 3rd icon by providing white space and cleanness compared to the 2nd icon. And also balancing with the map icon when side by side

The depart icon on GoTransite should be almost the same as the 1st icon, but if it’s still used it will look the same as the pick-up location icon

At first, the color of the depart icon and font wanted to be orange, but it didn’t match and it was too hard when looking at maps it also made the user always distracted

Everything is the same as the GoCar display, there is only a little extra and the difference in the estimated minutes is changed to the estimated hours and the addition of the name of the Travel Agency for users / customers to know which Travel Agency they want because they are favorite or have frequently used the services of their Travel Agency.

This is a comparison if the depart icon is juxtaposed with icon maps, to provide balance with sufficient stroke and white space.

On this page, it only changes to make the GoTravel icon and the rest is the same as the original

High Fedelity, GoTravel !


I made this (GoTravel) hoping that the convenience in all things, especially this transportation, is easy to get, only through the gadget in hand and has a sufficient balance. Then get a positive social impact by helping Travel Agencies to continue to develop their business and provide good, easy and fast service for users / costumers.

Regardless of one day this feature will be released or not, at least I will get a way to get good features and have social impact. I sincerely apologize if there is an error

I emphasize again. That I was neither paid for this nor part of Gojek,
and pure material as my exploration

Thank you for reading If you found this helpful please give me your clap and your thought or feedbacks on the comment below or by sending a message box to hola.tomifadilah@gmail.com

Lastly, if you’d like to see more of my work you can visit the other of My Portfolio here or you can visit My LinkedIn profile to connect with me!

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